Vehicle wraps are mobile advertizing which is highly effective in generating a response form your target audience. The physical wrap is 3m vinyl media and laminate adhered to the exterior of the vehicle over paint. A vehicle wrap is much more versatile than paint or cut vinyl because the design possibilities are unlimited, also the wrap can be removed and redone multiple times, as your business or message changes. The wrap will also protect the paint on the vehicle.

Very simple, click the link at the bottom of any page "send the details" we will send you a accurate price quote right away, typicaly the same day. This includes full professional custom design, the media and over laminate production and complete professional installation at our climate controlled indoor facility, Vehicle pick up and delivery service is available for an additional fee. Wrapping a vehicle outdoors in the dust and wind is not a good idea. Wrapping your vehicle does not have to be complicated. If you can think of a reason to have your vehicle wrapped anywhere else please tell us!

Anything less than a full wrap is normally called a "partial wrap." The project above for the Tampa Bay Bucks is a partial wrap

Normally, you can leave a wrap on between four to six years. The life of your wrap depends on many factors such as care and treatment of your vehicle.

No. In fact the vehicle wrap will protect the paint

Most of the process time is spent in the design phase where we will develop the concept that you have for your project. The length of time in design can be shortened if you bring specific ideas to the design meeting. After that comes the production and installation stage. It usually takes less than 2 weeks for the process to be complete.

To many to count you see tham all over Jacksonville!

Should I purchase a Wrap?

Here are some numbers that will steer you in the right direction as to weather or not a wrap is for you. A typical wrap costs around $2500.00. The wrap will have a useful life of well over 5 years. A vehicle wrap in a large city will generate at least 500,000 impressions every month. 3m studies have shown that people always recall a wrap longer than all other forms of marketing.

Vehicle wraps will get 8.5 million views in one year. Cost 2500.00... Once! A billboard will generate roughly 8.5 million views in one year. Cost 24,000.00 per year, every year.

Wrapping a vehicle is a great way to reach customers that are hard reach using traditional mediums. Many of your customers do not listen the the radio station you advertise on, or watch the TV station you run promotions on, if you even participate in these venues for your advertising. All of your customers are exposed to traffic every day and are receiving thousands of impressions from vehicle warps already. Can you afford not to wrap your vehicle?

Mobile advertising is much more effective than static advertising, one truck can reach 40,000 people every single day in a major metropolitan city. A static billboard reaches 45,000 people. The numbers are close but the costs are dramatically different. Fleet graphics will run less than half the cost of a billboard in a metropolitan area. It will also get noticed more and remembered longer.